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David Gemmell Short story

  Hey Everyone         I'm a longtime lurker at this site & I apologize in advance for posting a link in my very first post. However I…

Started by MLatest Reply

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Artist / Web designers / Proof readers

Just wondering if anyone would be able to provide any help with the above as I am struggling and just need some eyes to glance over what I'…

Started by R Peake

0 Apr 27, 2014

New media format Comic / TV / Movie / Computer games

Just wondering what stories people think would work either as graphic novels, TV / Movies or computer games.  I think a computer game set…

Started by R Peake

0 Apr 27, 2014

Lets keep this alive

I've responded to a lot of discussions today in the hope people who posted them will see the email updates and come back with memories and…

Started by R Peake

0 Apr 27, 2014

Fan Fiction

i realise that the cariters mr gemmle created are copywrited but is anyone other than myself working on short stories set in his worlds ?

Started by Peter Dark

2 Apr 27, 2014
Reply by R Peake

Favourite Fantasy Book

I felt it would be interesting to start a discussion about your favourite fantasy book.

Started by Axis

34 Apr 27, 2014
Reply by R Peake

The Gemmell Universe

Often, I read David's books and was left wanting more, and I guess most of you were too. So, where did you want to see the stories go? Whic…

Started by Phil the Bear (with food)

32 Apr 27, 2014
Reply by R Peake

Authors like David Gemmell

Anyone got any recommendations? I've heard that George R.R. Martin is similar.

Started by Ward Booth

17 Apr 27, 2014
Reply by R Peake


On every literature forum I look at I always see people saying how they've re-read a book or series of books lots of times, in some cases s…

Started by SM

27 Apr 27, 2014
Reply by R Peake

Fantasy TV Series

OK, just a thought here but fantasy tv series seem to be on the up.  We've recently had Legend of the Seeker (Terry Goodkind's Sword of Tru…

Started by drosdelnoch

17 Apr 27, 2014
Reply by R Peake

first fantasy book read

OK my first fantasy book was thrust under my nose by my mate 20 odd years ago with a "read this or else" attachment. It was The Belgariad b…

Started by helen

17 Apr 27, 2014
Reply by R Peake


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