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This is the place to chat about the Legend and Morningstar nominated authors.
What about their writing gives them your vote? What similarities are there between their work and David's work? What will keep you coming back for more?

Please discuss the authors and their work and help others to make their mind up for the vote.

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Hrmm the grrm books I have, have Harper voyager on the spine. No matter, guess its a imprint. good to see it's been added though me thinks the poll would have to be reset given some peeps would have already voted for another book. 'twas it? Granted it wouldn't effect grrm much but it might for feist and Lawrence.

No the poll will not be reset. 650 people have already voted for various other writers - it's not all about the big hitters - if these are votes that any of the Voyager authors have missed out on, that's just too bad. Perhaps the publishers won't be quite so tardy next year. We do our best - but blummin' miracles and time-travel are outwith our remit! 

A Dance with Dragons was one of the Highlights of the year, how will people take this award seriously, surely it would be better if the people chose the books and not the publishers .

Chris there is plenty of time for GRRMs fans to catch up - if they choose to get behind their guy. Bear in mind that authors we consider to be 'big hitters' do not run away with the awards each year. For example, Ray Feist has been on the ballot every year but has never gleaned enough votes for the Shortlist - likewise, Steven Erikson.

Frankly, it would make no difference whether the people chose the Longlist or the publishers, because all of the novels which meet the criteria end up on the Longlist if the publishers put them forward. (At least that is our intention & if there's an obvious omission, we do remind them) And if you can think of any we've missed in the past, it's probably due to a failure to meet the Criteria. Yes, it's unfortunate Voyager was late this year, but not the end of the world. The person their lateness would have been more likely to effect was/is Mark Lawrence - as a debut author - where the voting numbers of the poll are smaller, so the differences in the figures very close. But fortunately, the poll has only just gone live...

No complaints here :)  I will admit to bugging Voyager about it. They emailed to say they'd put me up for some commonwealth writers thing & I told them the David Gemmell Morningstar award was the only award I had any interest in being put up for. Not because I wanted to win it, but because I wanted to support it. I thought it was an excellent way to remember Gemmell and bring new readers to his legacy. I've been on the Gemmellfantasy yahoo group since 2006, long before I thought about being published myself or there was an award to be won. I'd like to see these awards continue to grow in importance & I'm very pleased Voyager has taken part.

Thanks for the positive comments Mark - it's so nice to know the authors appreciate what we do.

I certainly wish the Morningstar had been 'invented' when my first book came out! Would have been a dream to be Nommed - but hey, since I am the Awards Administrator, kinda think I'd be ineligible  ;-)  (As is Stan, our Chairman!) I'm sure David would be thrilled to know that the 'Morningstar' will encourage new Fantasy talent...

Are you going to want people to provide reviews of the longlisted books, like last year? I know Debbie mentioned this in a previous email, but I'm just conscious of my slow reading pace, if you need reviews to be written and uploaded in time for people to read them ahead of the 31 March closing date for voting?

sending out a Bulletin today, Patrick! Thanks for your enthusiasm! We're particularly keen on getting MORNINGSTAR Nominees reviewed...

Just wanted to flag up while I remember to (& being at work I can't email) - The Morningstar Award vote button links for me (& others) to the Legend voting list. Additionally Prince of Thorns isn't on that list, despite being listed for the Legend Award...

Any of Joe Ambercrombie books should win the award. An author that David Gemmell would of loved to read. Got to be Heroes

Have you asked people to volunteer to review the longlisted books for the website? I've been keeping an eye out for an announcement, but haven't seen anything yet. I'm keen to do a review, but know how slow I am...

Patrick, e-mail went out to the mailing list on the 9th, so after your post and that probably means you've got it by now!

Just finished The Heir of Night, and posted the review to DJM myself.

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