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This is the place to chat about the Legend and Morningstar nominated authors.
What about their writing gives them your vote? What similarities are there between their work and David's work? What will keep you coming back for more?

Please discuss the authors and their work and help others to make their mind up for the vote.

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Thanks Tony. I've recently sent my review of Juliet McKenna's 'Dangerous Waters' to Debbie, so hoping to see it circulated by email and/or here soon.


Debbie - I've seen a couple of the reviews that you've circulated by email to DGLA subscribers (including Tony's - cheers, Tony!). But are they not going to be put up on the Reviews section of the website for more general perusal? I've checked that page, but it only seems to have last year's book reviews on it...

Hi there Patrick

Yep! My bad! I am swamped at the moment, getting everything ready for EasterCon so I spoke to Gareth about the reviews yesterday - I'm going to email them to him & he's going to put them up in the reviews section as before... also, I am going to be sending them out as well, so people can just dip into them as they want...

Off to do some now in fact  :-)



Thanks so much Debbie - and sorry, I can only imagine how busy you are ahead of Eastercon, so quite understand that you haven't had time to do this yet.


Hope Eastercon goes really well - I will get there one of these days...!

Warning will mention plots of some books.

I am kinda dissappointed with the choices after last years. I had high hopes for patrick rothfuss books after I read the review here and also on other sites...so I was really excited when I picked up his books.
But is it only me...but it seems to have a lot of elements from other books in it. What's unique is the magic system and the way the story is told. It also has some original ideas in it on world building.
But the rest seems to be a lot like other books. Basic story...coming age story of super mage who wants to avenge his parents. Where the first book reminded me a lot of harry potter but much grittier and definitely no children story. It seem to lack a certain originality.

The second book has so many different stories in it. Not all side stories is as great sadly. And unlike the first book there is less cohesion in the different parts. So reads like different stories.It started as Harry potter...drifts to court drama...than to finding thieves...than to sexy elfin story.( bit disappointing for a guy losing his virginity to an uber sexy elf girl and learning all this sexual skills, personal writer fantasy, with this part..I have a feeling if they made a movie..this would be much much better. Angelina Jolie as felurian.lol ) to shaolin kungfu / ninja story. Sadly not all parts are as good or engrossing as others.
I guess as a second installment it's ok. But it's more like a filler to me than that it really enhances on the actual story it self. Either make it longer or shorter.
So I have to say I enjoyed the books a lot...but it's disappointing compared with books like the painted man or sandersons efforts. Would I recommend it as a good read. Definitely....but I don't think it should rate so highly. Just Tastes to much like other stories to me.

Another book that kinda disappointed me is george r r martins latest installment. Could there be too long a wait? Or is it me. It's really hard to get into this book. It seems martins greatest strength has turned a bit against him. He has killed so many people off, there are so many storylines , plots and subplots....after so many years waiting..it gets hard to follow it all.
Weird because I don't have this problem with robert jordans dragon reborn cycle. Somehow after a few lines I get sucked right into it. Almost a feeling like getting into something old, familiar and comfortable.
But not with Martin's book. While in the past I didn't have this problem. But now...it's hard getting into this book. I read the storylines and I noticed that I don't really care. It fails to pull me back in. What's wrong with it?
Lack of heroes/ bad guys...people you care or better yet interested in following.z
Did it take to long to arrive.
Plots and storyline to complicated.
Maybe it's as simple as starting with a small Summary of what has gone before. I am sad to miss the enjoyment of his previous books. And frankly...reading martins book a second time around is not as great to me.

Anyway just some of my thoughts.will read more of the newer books.
Maybe a bit letdown after last years great new books.

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