Thought that it might be a good one to get everyone warmed up with and its going to be a mega chat as to be honest with 30 titles to pick from it could end up fists at dawn over a bottle of the Old Lentrian Red. (Can't you tell where my votes going already. LOL)

Anyway, which is your favourite book by David and why?

For me its Legend, and whilst many would say that its perhaps not his best or that his later titles had more skill behind them I have to stick to his first book. I think its the passion behind the writing that gets me everytime, the fact that whilst he was waiting for test results he threw himself into this world full tilt and brought out the heroes who were scared of the dark but faced it anyway.

The way that ol Druss stalked the walls of Dros Delnoch delivering death until his own time and the way he wouldn't give in until the last. Yep, for me its the passion with which the book comes across that really still sells it to me and I think I read it around four times a year for the sheer enjoyment I get from each scene within. Damn I wish I could write like that.

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ya but iv read all 4 of the rigante series about 4 times so i shouldnt be making mistakes like that!!!! I remember the first gemmell book i read was the legend of room-mate gave it too me because he didnt read it.. needless to say he is no longer my room-mate!!

Just finished Ironhand's Daughter a few nights ago. Sigarni is a brilliant character and I do love the Gemmell books that mix in the Moorecock style reality hopping weirdness.

I have all of DG's books and after reading these posts have realized that it's about time I read the Rigante series again (I think that will be the fourth time ;) ). This series is a brilliant take on ancient Briton and the Roman invasion. The different peoples are the ancient tribes of these Ilses of ours. Just by adding one letter each tribe is revealed, the Rigante - Brigante, Ceni - Iceni etc.

But my two favourites are Waylander and White Wolf. Both Waylanders and Skillganons journeys from darkness into light. My own story, but not in the same way obviously, though I wish, Oh how I wish...............

I was stunned when I heard that DG had taken the journey from this life and realized that there would be no more books from the Master of heroic fantasy, though his recomendation of James Barclays Raven series made it easier when discovering that he wrote brilliant Heroic fantasy, as well as the man himself. It was like DG had been reincarnated. Great reading.






Re-reading all my DG books, starting with Winter Warriors, why  you might ask, because my hubby has recently put up new shelving and moved all my books to the highest shelves (git) and it's the only one I can reach without a chair.

That made me giggle.

Just two days ago I started a re-read of the Waylander books. Forgot how awesome they were.


I love all of DGs work. His ability to consistently deliver high quality books is truly unique.making it impossible to find a favourite. My favourite character is druss. And that's why I love the first chronicles of druss. After reading legend this book was what I pined for. And it delivered perfectly after a long wait.

My favourite book would be Knights of Dark Renown. My friend loaned me a copy of it back in the early 1990s and to that point, I must confess, I was not aware of any of David's work. It was a turning point for me and it would inspire me to become a writer myself. Despite all of David's fabulous novels, I love this book  because of the sheer impact it had on my reading, my writing and my life.

hi, new to the site and forum. i remember reading legend when i was 12/13. I borrowed it from my dad and have been buying David's book ever since. Legend stands out in my mind most because it introduced me to "complicated" hero's and villans, rather than the "black and white". Ulric is an honourable enemy but uses all the weapons of war which gives the appearance of evil but it's really just practicality. It makes it....more believable and you almost feel like he's not the enemy:). The respect afforded to each other without the rancour of feeling traitorous because "they're the enemy".

 I love Druss because of his indomitable spirit, the realtionship between Rek and Virae quite funny and heartwarming. The moral philosophising between Serbitar and Vintar(i think). There is so much to like about this book so,yes, i believe Legend was the cornerstone and catalyst which made me a lifelong fan.

The amount of times i have read and re-read the books, and the fact that i WANT to re-read them, is testament to the enduring quality of the content, the strength of feeling the books evoke and the sheer power of wanting to read "just one more page" have never been matched.

I haven't read all of Gemmell's books, but I well remember what a breath of fresh air 'Legend' was in the largely D&D inspired and moribund Fantasy Genre of the 80s. 

I loved 'Legend' and 'Wolf in Shadow' and 'Waylander' and 'Morningstar' and... so on but my favourite Gemmell book would probably be 'King Beyond the Gate'. It's a true ensemble piece (which is one of the things I like about Gemmell's work, every character has their place in the story).

It's been a while since I've read it but the characters still remain in my head, if not their names. The man in the mask and his doomed love affair 'Somebody might walk past' 'They already have'. The foreign king 'He killed nine joinings'. Tanaka Khan's lover 'They joined me with a panther'. And of course Decado, whose name I do remember :)

A fine book, 'King Beyond the Gate'.

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