New author Brent Weeks, breaks into the fantasy genre with this offering, the first book in The Night Angel Trilogy. Discuss Brent's work here.

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Amazing book...the main charecters teacher reminded me alot of Gemmells charecter Waylander....and that isnt a bad thing in my book.
I bought this and the next two on a saturday and ripped thorugh them in the following week. Excellent first novel, characters that make you want to know more about them and the world around them. It draws you in. Yes we only see one of Kylar's kills but every time you read about him its there in balck and white that he is a killer. My choice for the award.
I was really engaged by this book and let's face it, the whole trilogy, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. The apprentice learning from the gruff, skilled and mysterious master is always a good read but this one was great in all ways; world; characters; fights; story. I would gush on about it all night but have promised myself to keep these reviews short. I really like Brent Weeks style and would not be disappointed if this won the DGL Award.
In my top three!
Just a note - the marketing strategy for these books was excellent - bringing them all out within a month of eachother was inspired. Of course you are going to get them all at once; how often is a new trilogy available on 3 for 2 - irresistable. The only problem is that I am worried it is going to be 3 - 4 years until there is more from Brent Weeks. On that day, I will definitely be first in the queue!!
Naomi Novik's publisher took the same approach with her first three novels and it worked really well for her too, including a John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer and Compton Crook Award.
seem to be the only one that was not enamoured with this series!. Don't get me wrong they were ok, but simply that. I sometimes feel that fantasy authors have to do a trilogy as it is the 'done' thing. I felt that this series dragged in a few places ( i know only the first one is nominated though). Would like to see where the author goes from here as i think he does have a lot of potential, hopefully will steer away from the fantasy habit of going back to familiar waters though as a change can sometimes be a good thing!
I really loved this book. I actually was a little skeptical about it after reading the chapter summary on Orbit, but I needed a book for my bro for Christmas and I saw this and remembered that some people had good things to say about it(Mainly DD) so I picked it up for my bro and the next week I asked how he liked it and he said he had to buy the rest in the trilogy.
I finally stole them from him when he was done and was immediately caught up in the story. It felt very Gemmell-like and I loved the characters. I haven't finished a book that fast since the last HP book. Amazing read and a definate must read for all fantasy readers.
This book is brilliant. I love the way Brent Weeks develops the charcters over the course of the book.
I picked up the trilogy after reading the blurb on the back of TWOS (bonus the series was buy 2 get 3rd free). I practically devoured these books and then recommended to my friends who borrowed the first book of me then bought the series themselves!

Definitely an author to keep an eye out for. Got my vote
I enjoyed this book quite a bit. My sister got it for Xmas and I only now picked it up. This one got my vote. I love d it.
I tore through all three books in just under a month.

I'm embarrassed to say I almost didn't buy it because the cover looked, to me I must stress, a little silly, like someone doing cosplay. But a friend urged me to pick it up and I loved it.

I agree Durzo Blint is very similar to Waylander in some ways, but I'd go so far to say that he's a more layered character. His drinking and relationship with Momma K and his thawing to Kylar moving from harsh teacher to friend were moments that cemented him as one of the best fantasy characters I've ever read.

I think anyone who enjoyed David Gemmell's books will pretty instantly fall in love with Brent Week's series.

But I would have been inclined to pick up the book the first time if I'd seen the french cover instead which you can see here:
Ah, our friends at Bragelonne always do such wonderful covers!

I like the Orbit cover too I must say - although it seems to have started a trend for hooded assassins!
Deborah J Miller - Award Administrator said:
Ah, our friends at Bragelonne always do such wonderful covers!

I like the Orbit cover too I must say - although it seems to have started a trend for hooded assassins!

never really understood the obsession with hoods on assassin's in fantasy books, I thought they'd need better peripheral vision!

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