New author Brent Weeks, breaks into the fantasy genre with this offering, the first book in The Night Angel Trilogy. Discuss Brent's work here.

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Absolutly amazing had read the trilogy within 6 days i just couldnt put them down for a second, considering this is his first offering, I cant wait to see what comes afterwards.
I foolishly read the back of the third book first, sigh, but at least it made me pick up the first. The next day I was back in the shops for the other two and nearly screamed at an innocent shop worker when we couldn't find the second book in the series! Thankfully found it and I spent the next three days happily immersed in the story.
This is a series that I will go back and read again, which doesn't happen often, and will definately get my vote.

On his website Mr. Weeks states that his next project will be something different but he hopes to return to Kylarverse in the future. So fingers crossed then :)
Deborah J Miller - Award Administrator said:
Ah, our friends at Bragelonne always do such wonderful covers!

I like the Orbit cover too I must say - although it seems to have started a trend for hooded assassins!

Sort of reminds of waylander - the whole hooded assassins thing, which is good because I love Waylander.
Reading this book was the first time in ages that a book has actually pulled me through, I simply could not put it down. I loved the way the concept of magic was so defined and structured, but without destroying the mystery.
Brent's knack for creating very real characters, was, to me reminiscent of a David Gemmell story. Even side characters that had no real part in the overall plot, seemed to be very real within a page of their introduction. Ultimately that was the deciding factor for casting my vote.
Just finished the trilogy and honestly this is the first time in aaages that a book has made me cry at its climax. Was a brilliant weaving of storylines, Brent Weeks has a knack of making his characters lives absolute crap, and then they get worse lol, so i could never truly guess what was going to happen. Every character was fun and idividual and i especially liked to see some strong, well created female characters from a male writer. This Book and trilogy got my vote.

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