Hail and welcome,
This is the place to chat about the Legend and Morningstar nominated authors.
What about their writing gives them your vote? What similarities are there between their work and David's work? What will keep you coming back for more?

Please discuss the authors and their work and help others to make their mind up for the vote.

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I would, but ahh ummm there is no list.....;)

LOL, We're hard at work at it Chris.

whats the publication date range?
Red Knight; Miles Cameron Oct 2012
Grimm Company Luke Scull (this was march this year)

Hi there, Robin

The date range is all of 2012, provided the book has been published in English for the first time.

Polls will be up VERY soon!


I see that Elizabeth Moon's 2012 book did not make the voting list ... too bad.

So, interested to see how people feel about the shortlist this year...?

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