Anyone got any recommendations? I've heard that George R.R. Martin is similar.

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Not fantasy but I'd recommend Bernard Cornwell and Stephen Pressfield.
I would add Michael Curtis Ford for historical novels, particularly The Ten Thousand.

Deborah J Miller - Award Administrator said:
That's a tricky one, Ward! George RR Martin is a terrific writer - but much more densely plotted that David's books - more demanding, I guess you could say... complex, with wonderful characterisation - but personally, I wouldn't say he was particularly *like* DG. A name which crops up often is James Barclay - or if it's the historical aspect you enjoy, rather than the Fantasy, Conn Iggulden - both authors friends off, and influenced by David...

A couple on our Shortlist have been mentioned in the same breath - but as unbiased Awards Administrator, I shouldn't really say!
The Dark Tower series by Stephen King is good.
I found Iain Graham's book "Monument" a good read very very david gemmell ( in a good way)

Does anyone have any updates for the list?

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