So who which actors would play which characters.
I'm thinking the head viking in 'the 13th warrior' to play Druss!
What do you think?


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It would be interesting to say the least. One name that has been bandied about was Bjorn Riis. Theres also been Sean Connery and Brian Blessed as well as John Rhys-Davies.

I'll quite happily take the Breggan role.
Why does Vin Diesel keep popping into my head.......he's too young....& Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson? I would argue that although Druss is an important character in Legend, he is not the leading who would play Regnak and Virae?

Also, Brad Pitt must never come near this film.......unless his charcater gets it early on.

You could have a lot of fun casting some unlikely people in The Thirty too!

In terms of style, I would be more inclined to look to HBO as they did brilliantly with the BBC with ROME and I adore about Ian McShane......he's a bit short but a fantastic actor (Don't judge him by Lovejoy only!)

Christopher Eccleston is quite versatile too.....30, Sathuli?

I still don't have a good suggestion for Druss though..........Bruce Willis (joke)!

And who would play Ulric?

Dros, do you know if David ever sold the film rights or options for any of his books?
I reckon John Malcovich as Ulric, Robert Downey Jnr as Rek (don't laugh! - the man has been a junkie and a drunk and would - I think - do a damned good job of it) and for Druss ...don't know.
Inspired choices, Andrew! I like it!

Terrence Stamp for Nosta Khan?

Claire Danes for Virae?

Patrick Stewart for Calvar Syn?
Patrick Stewart! ...YES ...make it so.
I'd heard Brian Blessed's name before, but I'd just expect him to shout 'Gordon's alive' at any given moment. Connery would be good, he looked the part in Time Bandits! Conans Dad, He'd make a good Druss too.
I have thought about this a bit since yesterday and I recon Blessed would be fantastic. He ain't that young anymore though ...but then Druss was old too in Legend. May work.
I like Brian Blessed too, especially in Flash..........but he is always Brian Blessed. I must disagree with you for his role as Druss. However, I still don't have a alternative at present.
You could always put yourself forward look like a good candidate! Solid, beard, ...?

What say you!?
"In your dreams, laddie!"

I have been wondering about my resemblance to James Maxey though.......I'm considering growing sideboards!

I have always fancied myself as Menahem ...I may have to lose the glasses though.
Casting is always tricky, David also stipulated no to Mel Gibson (unless he was a rat and died very quickly.) LOL

There was and always is interest in two of David's books in particular, Legend and Wolf in Shadow. If memory serves on one call from "hollywood" they said that they had an A-Lister all signed up to play Druss, David was thinking it through and enquired who. When he heard it was Olly Read he hung up.

It would have to be carefully done if a film were ever made and I don't think you'd ever get an actor to please everyone for each roll. One that I would think could work would be Christopher Lee for Earl Delnar. His voice telling the tale of Skeln Pass would just be magical.

Other than that Im not sure on a number of people and would think that LotR's people might get suggested left right and centre such as Miranda Otto for Virae. As to the other roles, I think you'd need either a Spanish or Mexican Star for the Sathuli, that could work. As to the Nadir, I like Mako for Nosta Khan. He's weird enough to pass it off and has enough of a look for a Mongol to pass. As to Ulric Im not currently sure enough to be able to suggest someone.

Breggan's roll is still mine though.

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