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This is the place to chat about the Legend nominated author. What about their writing gives them your vote? What similarities are there between thiers and David's work? What will keep you coming back for more? Please discuss the author and thier work and help others to make thier mind up for the vote.

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This is my impression of the book:
I loved The Red Wolf Conspiracy (the first book of the Chathrand Voyage series) and was anxious to read The Rats and the Ruling Sea. And I'm relieved. Mr. Redick's writing is still highly original and he still has a knack for drawing you into the story. By using Captain Rose's letters to his father, Editor's footnotes and journal entries by quartermaster Fiffengurt the book breaks the third person narration from several character's point of view. This is highly welcomed and provides even more the variety of this epic (reviewer copy stands at 634 pages) adventure. I have been more than impressed by chapter 38 Holy War. With a length of 40 pages it is like a short story. It is full of action and emotion. And it is the chapter of awakened animals....
Mr. Redick continues the development of his characters. We learn more about their past and their inner conflicts. The main story has its twists and turns. He continues to add non-human species - in this case the so called dlömu - to the existing murths, augrongs, flikkermen, nunekkam and ixchel. He dives into the habits of the Ixchel. the non-human species from the first book. Not to forget the introduction of new characters. And again there are some sub plots where several characters do their own thing. I know that some people found the plot not very complex. But I tell you the devil is in the detail. For me the plot is like the skin layers of an onion.
So far I didn't talk much about my secret star of the series: The Chathrand. Mr. Redick's depiction of the sailing vessel and the life on board is most imposing. I got nearly seasick on the sofa when I read the novel.
With this book Mr. Redick continues on a high level with his a mouth-watering universe full of mystery and wonder .

The Chathrand is a real legend. What a sailing vessel!
I just saw the PB US release of the Redick nominee- its been retitled The Ruling Sea. Wht happened to The Rats????
Hi Joe,
I don't know the official reasons for the change. There have been some speculations around the web.
One says that the original title is too long for American market.

I just saw the PB US release of the Redick nominee- its been retitled The Ruling Sea. Wht happened to The Rats????
Myanswer to that is.....RATS.

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