Drenai Timeline

KoDR = Knights of Dark Renown

M = Morningstar

W = Waylander

W2 - itRotW = Waylander 2 - In the Realm of the Wolf

W3 - HitS = Waylander 3 - Hero in the Shadows

tFCoDtL = the First Chronicles of Druss the Legend

tLoD = the Legend of Deathwalker

WWolf = White Wolf

L = Legend

KBtG = King Beyond the Gate

QfLH = Quest for Lost Heroes

WWarriors = Winter Warriors

tSoN&D = the Swords of Night and Day

This timeline was put together based on information within the books.  Whilst some of the dates have changed from the books, this is to accomodate the other facts presented.  A copy of this was sent to David and talked through which is how some facts are there that never made it into the books.

In addition to this, some of the other books that could fit into timeline such as Dark Moon as well as the Hawk Queen titles haven't been added despite facts that are present within as we couldn't be that accurate with the information.  Should that change we will modify to accomodate.

This timeline appears courtesy of Wolfshead: The David Gemmell Fansite and as such is under thier and David Gemmell's copyright.

-8804 The Founding of Chiatze



Founding of Kuan Hador, siding with humankind Emsharas, one of the two supreme Illohir beings decides to aid them fight against his brother, Anrahat’s forces. To help combat the advantages that the Illohir have, he creates the Storm Swords, weapons made of an enchanted Ebony that can cause death of even the Krayakin, supernatural beings with immence strength, speed and agility, who also have the power to heal themselves of almost any wound except those inflicted by the Storm Swords.

W3 : HitS
-2451 Golgoleth seeks knowledge and leaves city of birth to find it.



The End of the First Great War, after the battle of the four valleys. With the Krayakin, 10,000 of the Illohir’s greatest warriors smashed the right flank of 3 kings armies. Above the battlefield Emsharas and his twin, Anrahat fought on the world of spirit. Bakilas, leader of the Krayakin had fought his way through to the human king Darlic when Anrahat fell. When he did the ash clouds that had been protecting the Illohir dissipated and the sunlight caused the bodies of all the Illohir bar the Krayakin to wither and die becoming windborn again. Surrounded by the Armies of the 3 Kings, the Krayakin were turned upon. Only 200 Krayakin survived the battle. Over the following weeks, the survivors were hunted down and killed until only ten survived. Emsharas then worked the Great Spell and sent all the remaining Illohir to the Void, to await the completion of his prophecy.

Golgoleth consults with Demons and Spirits.

Birth of Horga the Enchantress.

W3 - HitS, WWarriors

Golgoleth returns to the city of his birth and the reign of the Vampyre Kings begins.


The Fall of Kuan Hador after the Second Great War when the descendants of Emsharas aided the rest of mankind against the evils of Kuan Hador (who allied themselves with Anrahat’s demons creating bridging spells for them to cross into our own world) by creating their own Kriaz Nor (meld legions), known as the Raij Nor, the Rajnee order is descended from this order.

W3 - HitS

Rabain and the Knights seek out and fight the Vampyre Kings on the fabled Night of 7th Star, after the battle of Coulin when they storm the Grey Keep. Jerain the Bowman kills one with a silver shaft through the eye, Boras the Cyclops catches another on the battlements and hurls him onto the rocks below, Horga holds back the hordes of undead whilst Rabain battles Golgoleth and wins. The Guardians of the skulls are set up, three noble families seek to keeps the skulls apart and pass the title onto each generation to continue the oath given to Rabain and Horga.


Horga travels forward in time to bring a friend of Rabains back to him. After10 years together Rabain and Horga part as he seeks to fulfill a promise given to an old bard who is Horga thinks is closer to Rabain the she ever could be. Rabain leaves to appear in the final battle.


The Galbalans start their civilisation.


The Knights of the Galbala are formed by King Albaras


The Knights spirit the king away during the War of the Rebellion.


King returns and frees the knightly order from the juristiction of Monarchs.


New Dagda, Guardian of the Colours of Magic.


New Dagda, Guardian of the Colours of Magic.


King of Galbala rules the whole continent. Area of Rule decreases over the next 30 years.


Ollithir, son of Cabal (14th Armourer) becomes the 15th Armourer of the Knights of the Galbala.


Birth of Lug, who choses the name Lamfada on reaching his majority, will become the last Armourer for the Knights of the Galbala as well as becoming the Dagda, Guardian of the Colours of magic.


The Knights of the Galbala are sent through a gateway to aid a civilization fight evil. They disappear, unheard of for a time. Only Manannan fails to go through due to childhood fear and rides the world for 6 years seeking Ollathir, the Armourer of the Knights.


Ollathir is held by the King to make him magical weapons, he refuses and his eye is burned from its socket. He appears to die and escapes.


The Knights of Crimson appear and are supported by the King.


Escape of Llaw Gyffes, a former blacksmith accused of the murder of his wife, which had been committed by a cousin of the Duke whom Llaw had slain.

The New Knights of the Galbala,(known in future times as the Knights of Dark Renown) are formed by an apprentice named Lamfada. The origin of the Knights of Crimson is revealed, they were the Knights of the Galbala who rode through the gate 6 years ago.


The fight against the evil turns out to be a fight against the previous Knights of the Galbala. Death of Nuada Silverhand, who’s death brought a dead tree to life and its tale lived on in Legend. Lamfada becomes the new Dagda and renounces his title as Armourer of the Knights of the Galbala. Elodan and Manannan, the last knights of the Galbala ride through the gate to end the world of the Vyre, never heard of again.


New Dagda, Guardian of the Colours of Magic.


The North conquered by Angostins.


Birth of Owen Odell, Companion of the Morningstar and Magic weaving Storyteller, also called the Sorcerer of the Morningstar.


Birth of Jarek Mace, Thief, Philanderer and man who will become The Morningstar.


Horga the Enchantress moves to Jarek Mace’s village under the name of Megan.


Owen apprenticed to Cataplas to learn the secrets of the Storyteller and how to weave the magic.


Cataplas shows Owen some of his dissecting experiments. Owen and Catalplas split after a final perfomance as Owen is good enough to learn on his own.


Oversea War being fought by the Angostins.


Owen Odell meets Jarek Mace, a Robber, an alledged Rapist, a thief. Owen leaves Ziraccu after midwinter when its clear that the war is coming and the price of food has been raised.


Ziraccu is massacred by the Army of Edmund, the Hammer of the Highlands.

Owen travels with Jarek Mace to a village and meets Megan who begins a mystery that intrigues him. Morningstar myth begins. The Return of the Vampyre Kings. Jarek Mace seeks them out after being threatened by Golgoleth and fights them along with Owen, Wulf, Piercollo, Megan, Ilka, Raul Roberts.

Death of Megan due to a poisoned blade from an undead assassin . Horga travels in time and summons Mace to the past to battle the Vampyre Kings. Mace becomes the Summoned one, Ra-He-Borain, Rabain. Final battle where Rabain/The Morningstar returns from the past to fight for the Highlands. He kills Edmund before succumbing to his wounds.


Death of Wulf


A young Noble seeks out Owen Odell to find the truth of the Morningstar, Owen refuses to tell him and magically fashions a ghost of the future to tell the tale to. Horga travels to this time to take Owen back to Jarek Mace.


Pashtar Sen works the miracle of the hunting horn in a temple in Ventria.


After his father is killed in battle by an army from Chien Po, Oshikai takes on the mantle of his fathers position becoming Lord of the North of Chiatze. His first act with his new power is to lead an army against Chien Po and raises it to the ground in vengeance.

tLoD, N/A

With one of the villages in his lands under attack from a Black Lion Oshikai sets out to kill the menace. After a great many days stalking the beast it turns and shows a remarkable intelligence for a creature leading many to believe that it is a demon, with many of his hunting party killed Oshikai settles down for the night to finish the battle believing the beast trapped only for it to attack. After a great battle Oshikai emerges victorius carrying the lions head and skin as proof of his claims.

tLoD, N/A

Many conspire to see the end of Oshikai and the power that he is gaining in court, they send a false message from the emperor requesting that he bring his army to the capital to defend it. On the march the betrayer let the emperor know about Oshikai is marching on the capital to take power. The emperor sends messages to three of his armies to converge on Oshikai and crush him, naming him as a traitor. After receiving intelligence about the armies coming to meet him Oshikai is forced to flee. Only to be trapped by one of the armies on the plains of Chu-Chien with the others moving swiftly to intercept. Oshikai has no option but to fight or be trapped to await the massacre.

After defeating them, Oshikai and his people were forced to flee into the Mountains of Ice, with the two other armies in close pursuit. Hundreds died and many lost hands and feet.

tLoD, N/A

After surviving the Mountains of Ice, a bit of merriment is required to increase the moral of the people. To this end Oshikai and Shulsen are married after the completion of the three tasks set by Shulsen’s father. The first is of Marksmanship, the second to show his Intelligence, with the third requiring him to make a sacrifice, Oshikai was given to great rages and thus required to “kill a demon who had been a friend.” The “demon” was the darker side of himself, the wild and dangerous side of his personality.

Acceeding and succeeding on the tasks the wedding goes ahead.

After the wedding he speaks to the gathered people telling them that they had met their Nadir (Crossroads of Death in Chiatze, Point of Great Hopelessness when translated into the southern tongue from Nadir.) and that Shulsen would lead them to water. From this they took their name of their people and the song of the Nadir was born :

Nadir We,
Youth Born,
Blood Letters,
Axe Weilders,
Victors Still


Carrying on their trek to find new lands they arrive in the Steppes and claim it as their own. Fearing that once their land has be consolidated Oshikai and his people will attack Chiatze, the Emperor begins his plans to attack and kill Oshikai.


Oshikai Demonbane, Father of the Nadir, died at The Battle of Five Armies (Nadir name) and the Battle of the Vale (Chiatze name.) Buried upon the battlefield now known as the Valley of Shulsen’s Tears.

Death of Shulsen, wife of Oshikai, chained in a hidden chamber within a mountainside, she had her eyes, ears and tongue pierced with golden spikes by Chakata, former ally to Oshikai. Then she was left to die. During her life she was a great sorceress and the only good that she did was in the company of Oshikai.


The Tattooed people are forced back through the gateway by the warlike nomadic tribe that is to become the Drenai.


The Drenai begin to stamp civilization onto the world.


Birth of Hewla, Abbess of the Temple of the Ressurection, Witch and Ancestor to Jianna, The Witch Queen of Naashan.

W2 – itRotW

Three Nadir Shaman forge the Stone Wolf and create the Eyes of Alchazzar, Eyes then stolen by one of the creators, Shaman known as Shaoshad who is caught and killed without the magical jewels on him, (he was trying to bring the days of the Uniter early by brings Oshikai back to life) on his way to the grave site of Shulsen who Oshikai refused to return to the flesh without.


Founding of the first Temple of the Dark Brotherhood AKA the Knights of Blood by Zhi Zhen in the lands of the Chiatze. Zhi Zhen was captured after many battles and impaled on a golden spike. The order then spread west to be used by Kaem in the Vagrian Wars.

Sathuli arrive in the land of the Drenai from the Deserts of Ventria, settling in the Delnoch mountains, following the words of an ancient prophet.

W2 - itRotW

Rebellion of Vuspash, general of the Ventrian unit the Immortals, his defeat caused the until to be disbanded.


Bodacus, the Famed Gothir general was on a campaign that made his name.


Birth of Dakeyras, known to the world as Waylander the Slayer, Saviour and Hero of the Drenai. Slayer of King Niallad, son of Orien of the Two Blades, the First Drenai Battle King.


Birth of King Niallad son of Orien of the Two Blades.


Thieves arrive at Kar Barzac and start to strip away the gold that protects the crystal chamber from mutating the world outside. Quickly become merged into a giant beast that dies within the chamber.


Birth of Karnak, The greatest of the Drenai Heroes.


Birth of Dardalion, founder of The Thirty and First Abbot.


Whilst on a year long sabbatical to decide whether or not to quit the army, Dakeyras’ family is killed by raiders (Tanya, his wife, his son Gellan, 7, and twin baby girls) whilst he is away hunting for venison. Their actions create Waylander the slayer and he spends the next 20 years as an assassin, hunting down the killers of his family and then carrying on feeling empty.


Birth of Elphons, Future Duke of Kydor

W3 - HitS

Birth of Danyal.


Cadoras the Stalker begins his career as an assassin.


Birth of Miriel and Krylla, the twin daughters to be adopted by Waylander and Danyal.


Gellan becomes the first man to win the Silver Sabre competition six times, awarded a jeweled dagger.

Hewla warns Waylander about Kaem and mentions the death of kings.

1071 Plague in the Lands of the Drenai.

Egel forms the Legion.

1072 With the War coming to its end seemingly in favour of the Vagrians led by their General Kaem, Waylander is asked to recover the armour of Bronze by King Orien of the Two Blades, warned that only the Chosen One can claim it. The Dark Brotherhood seek him (under orders from Kaem after he tried to cheat Waylander and he killed his son,) as do some Nadir Joinings after he killed the leader of the Wolfshead for betraying an agreement with Durmast. The first temple of the 30 is founded.

Durmast is discovered to be the Chosen One and aides Waylander kill the last of the Dark Brotherhood after him before succumbing to his wounds.

Danyal takes the Armour to the Drenai and presents it to Egel, who then goes to the besieged fortress that Karnak is defending.

With Kaem found dead with many believing it to be suicide it the war against the Vagrian’s ends. Karnak and Egel emerge as heroes.

Death of the First Thirty, led by Dardalion who lives although seriously wounded. Death of Cadoras the Stalker, who died saving Waylander.


Karnak leads the invasion of Vagria and topples the emperor. Republic Instituted, Egel begins construction of Dros Delnoch after Dardalions vision. (Probably the architect)


Egel is assassinated under Karnaks Orders. Death of Danyal, wife of Waylander.

W2 - itRotW

Marriage of Oriens of the Two Blades daughter, Aldania to Elphons, Duke of Kydor. (Karnak, now leader of the Drenai refuses to allow her back.)

W3 - HitS
1083 Death of Krylla, killed by Bodasen, son of Karnak.

Assassins seek Waylander to collect the bounty offered by Karnak for his head and crossbow, mystified why people would search for him after so long he seeks to stay and die on the mountain where Danyal is buried, until the reason for hunt is revealed to him by Hewla. The Dark Brotherhood is also after Waylander, under the orders of Zhu Chao who seeks to rule the whole Continent. Waylander seeks to kill him to get to Bodasen. Miriel, Angel, Senta accompany the Wolfshead to defend their future. Dardalion and the Thirty ride to the aide of the Wolfshead against the Brotherhood. Miriel becomes pregnant by Senta.

Death of the second Temple of the Thirty, two survivors : Ekodas (who leaves to marry Shia) and Visha who is sent to Ventria to become the next Abbot of Swords for the Third Temple of the Thirty.

Hewla stabs herself to prevent a demon killing her, taken to the Temple of Ustarte and healed.

W2 - itRotW

Birth of Miriel and Senta’s son.

The War with Ventria is renewed with the King being slain at the battle of Erekban.

W2 - itRotW

Karnak renews the contract on Waylander, a skull is put on display in the museum along with Waylanders crossbow.

W2 - itRotW

Birth of Angel and Miriel’s Son. Birth of Niallad, son to Elphons and Aldnia.


Waylander’s Crossbow stolen from Museum and Karnak is assassinated by Miriel.

W2 - itRotW

The Skull of Waylander is sold, bought by Matze Chai on behalf of a client, who prefers to make his own fate.

The Lands of the Cresent in Kydor leased by Waylander from Lord Aric.

W2 - itRotW

The Great Famine in Chiatze

W3 - HitS

Crop shortage in Kydor

W3 - HitS

The magic is failing that entrapped the rulers of Kuan Hador and they seek to bring their rule back to the world of the Drenai, amongst their allies they cause a massacre of the ruling class of Kydor and amongst many of those killed is Elphons and Aldania. They make an enemy of Waylander who seeks to thwart them. Waylander is killed by Niallad who accidently shoots him when his horse is spooked by the Priestess Ustarte, who is also fighting against the evils of Kuan Hador and Daresh Karany. When he and Waylander meet he summons Anharat to kill him, with Waylander having been revived by Ustarte he is already dead so the Demon takes Daresh instead and promises to make his death lasting.

Waylander leaves the realm through a portal opened by Ustarte, who sends him to an alternate world where he can save his family before dying.

W3 - HitS

Birth of Bardan the Slayer, Grandson of Angel, Granfather of Druss.


Bardan aquires Snaga from the Buriel mound of Caras the Axeman during the second Vagrian War.


Death of the King of Gothir who invades the Drenai lands. Bardan beheads him leaving his head on a spike for the army to find in the morning.


Birth of Gorben’s Father, Emperor of Ventria


Birth of Shadak The Hunter.


Birth of Borcha, Fist Fighting champion of Mashrapur


Birth of Bress, Father of Druss the Legend


Birth of Gargan, Lord of Larness, Gothir Hero


Death of Gargan’s mother, killed by the Nadir which creates a life long hatred of them.


Birth of Michanek, Champion of Naashan


Death of Bardan the Slayer


The Birth of Sieben, The Saga Master, Friend to Druss the Legend and creator of the Saga.


Shadak fights the Sathuli Champion and the peace talks between the Gothir and Sathuli fail. With his commission in ruins Shadak then becomes a hunter of men.

Birth of Gorben, Future Emperor of Ventria.


Marriage of Bress and Alithae


The Birth of Druss the Legend to Bress and Alithae, Death of Alithae


End of the Gothir Civil War when Gargan led what appeared to be a suicide charge and killed Barin in hand to hand combat.


A great drought strikes the nations of Cadia, Matapesh, Panthia and causes crop shortages. Panthia being the hardest hit with 1,000’s having died.


Birth of Okai, known as Talisman and finally Ulric, the First Uniter of the Nadir.


Birth of Zhusai, future wife of Ulric The First Nadir Uniter.

1182 The War of Ventria against Naashan begins. Death of Gorben’s Father the Emperor of Ventria.

Four women burned for Witchcraft in Drenan by the Priests of Missael.


Marriage of Druss and Rowena. The raid on Druss’ village sees the capture of the women by slavers. Tracking the slavers is Shadak who is after Collan as he killed his Shadak’s son a week before. Druss sets off to save his wife, Rowena and Shadak aids him free the captured women. With Rowena not amongst them he travels to Mashrapur where he is told that Collan will have taken her and on the way he enlists the aid of Sieben the Poet. After fighting in the sand circle and being severly wounded when he is told where she is, Druss sails to Ventria to seek her. When he believes her slain after a report from one of the captured pirates Druss enlists in Gorben’s army. Battle of Ectanis, when the renegade Satrap is killed and the war turns in favour of Gorben’s Ventria. Vintar (future Abbot of Swords for the Delnoch Thirty) saves Rowena from the Sharks which await when the Pirate ship attacks the ship she is on, forcing herself and current owner to jump into the water.


Druss and 50 others hold the Pass of Kishtay until Gorben and the army can march to their aid.


Druss having lost Snaga is out to retrieve it, he ends up in a dungeon for just over a year.


The Nadir Janizaries are taught the Gothir style of fighting on behest of the Emperor and to try to civilise them, what follows is five years of hell for the captives and results in the experiment failing, due to Lord Gargan.


Gorben reforms the Immortals, Druss free’s himself from Cajivak’s dungeon and kills him, then goes to the final battle of the Ventria/Naashan war. Kills the Kalith of Numar, who is summoned by Hewla to kill Gorben. Death of The Emperor of Naashan (Jianna’s Grandfather.) Rowena now married to Michanek (for a year after having her memory wiped due to her talent becoming too powerful) tries to commit suicide, Druss walks the void to save her and brings her back. Retirement of Borcha, the fistfighter who taught Druss to fight, after losing a fight that lasted 2 hours.

Birth of Boranius.

1192 Birth of Olek Skilgannon, known as The Damned.

Birth of Jianna, The Witch Queen, Empress of Naashan.


Drenai, adopt a new flag, a white stallion on a blue field.

Abalayn (newly elected Drenai Figurehead) invites Druss as a mascot to the Fellowship Games in Gulgothir, (remembered as the Games of the Mad King).

During sparring, Druss breaks the jaw of Grawal, (Drenai heavyweight fighter) and feels honour bound to take his place. Fighting his way to the final Druss is told about the prophecy that Klay would take gold and informs him that he has no intention of not fighting to win. Spies under the orders of Garen Tsen are then ordered to injure Druss to ensure the fulfillment of the prophecy. Trying to injure Druss, the gang bungle the attempt and hit, Klay with a crossbow bolt. Remembering Nosta Khan’s words about the Eyes of Alchazzar, which would heal any wound, Druss sets off seeking them, giving aid to the Nadir to defend the Bones of Oshikai Demonbane. The battle becomes known as the Battle of the Five Tribes. Talisman commands the battle and when victory is achieved he returns the magic held in the Eyes of Alchazzar to the land, then taking his Nadir name Ulric.

New Drenai and Vagrian war.

Birth of Regnak the Wander, Second man to wear the Armour of Bronze of Oriens with the title Earl of Bronze


Magir’s Thirty die. Vintar sent to become the new Abbot of Swords for the Delnoch Thirty.


Birth of Virae, daughter to Delnar, Earl of Bronze.


Gorben, Emperor of Ventria, celebrates the defeat of the Jianna’s father, the Emperor of Naashan (slain by Gorben’s Immortals), after a two year war. Aided by disgraced noble Bokram, who was stripped of his titles a year before entering Gorben’s service, Gorben installs him as his puppet ruler.

Boranius, cousin to Bokram, becomes Captain of the Lancers.

Skilgannon meets Jianna, heir to the Naashan throne, who escaped with her Mother, the Emperor’s favourite concubine. Hidden by Greavas, Skilgannon hatches a plan to sneak Jianna and her mother out of the city by having them taken separately. Jianna is moved to Skilgannons home under the guise of being a Whore. When betrayed, Greavas is tortured to reveal Jianna’s location finally revealing all. Skilgannon aids Jianna escape from the capital city of Naashan and the two become fugitives.

Raising an army to fight the civil war, Jianna’s first two years are little more than hit and run raids to supply her troops. In the third year another couple of tribal leaders join her side, this allows her to effectively liberate a region containing two cities, and a score of silver mines in the West of Naashan.


The Battle of Skeln Pass, where a few Drenai face the might of the Ventrian Empire, death of Emperor Gorben, and his General Bodasen. Also the death of Druss’ friend Sieben and Druss’ beloved wife Rowena.

Plague in the Lands of Naashan.

Final battle in the civil war for Naashan, which became known as the Battle of Carsis. The battle nearly ended in disaster, when the left flank routed and her center began crumbling. Urged to flee by her Generals, Jianna takes up position in the center of her troops where her foes can see her. Bokram orders his troops to capture her, this gives Skilgannon chance to rally the left and turn the tide of battle. Meeting Boranius, Skilgannon kills him despite being told that should the two meet he would die.

Unknown to Jianna or Skilgannon, Boranius’ body is taken from the field by six loyal retainers and transported to Ustartes temple where he is healed.



1213 Skilgannon the Damned becomes Brother Lantern and hides for three years as a priest of the source.

Jianna becomes Queen of Naashan.

Ironmask turns up in Tantria as advisor to the king.



Plague strikes the land of Tantria.

Shadak is slain by three robbers in an alley, two are killed but one escapes and joins a group of outlaws. Hired to protect the village from the outlaws Druss meets Jared and Nian, twin brothers and Garianne. When the outlaws attack just before dawn, Druss charges into their center and starts hacking, Nian and Jared with some of the other mercenaries charge into back Druss up whilst Garianne, who is sick with fever comes out and shoots the leader through the forehead with Waylanders Bow, that she had stolen from Ustartes temple many years before.


Druss is on a quest to rescue the Earl of Dros Purdol and his Daughter. Skilgannon is on the run from the Witch Queen and meets Druss, joins him on his quest and fights an old enemy. End of the Quest is the last time that Skilgannon and the Witch Queen see each other. Druss and Skilgannon meet Ustarte at a hidden temple that they believe is the Temple of Ressurection.

Final death of Hewla, killed by her descendent

Jianna, when Hewla threatened to kill Skilgannon.


After rescuing a Priest in the Deserts of Namib, Skilgannon is taken to the Temple of Resurrectionists where they agree to bring Dayan back to life for him, although she won’t be the same girl she will have a chance of life. Skilgannon last sees her when she is 16 and talks about her falling in love.


Death of Niobe, Wife of Sieben, The Saga Master


Gulgothir is captured by Ulric and the defenders were sold into slavery, many losing hands under Ulrics revenge for resisting his conquest.

Ulric then leads the Nadir against the Drenai, after having the omen’s cast by his Shaman, Nosta Khan. The siege of Dros Delnoch. The Death of Druss the Legend and the Delnoch Thirty led by Serbitar except for Arbedark who was sent to find and train the next Temple of the Thirty.

Abalayn retires from public life as leader of the Drenai. Orien retires from army life and becomes Magnus Woundweaver’s deputy after he is elected to lead the Drenai. One of his first acts was to form The Dragon, to protect the Drenai from future threats.


Death of Ulric the Uniter of the Nadir, also likely the death of Joachim Sathuli due to wounds inflicted in Dros Delnoch and then by the Sathuli for leading them against the Nadir for the Drenai.


Skilgannon puts aside the Swords of Night and Day.


Skilgannon leads a Coalition force against Bakila, the Zharn King. The force is made up of men from Angostin, Kydor, Chiatze and Varnii Nomads. The battle sees 30,000 Zharn slain for the loss of 12,000 allied forces. During the night, Bakila fled with the rest of his surviving force but Skilgannon was refused permission to follow them and destroy them due to the huge losses on their side by the Angostin King who had told Skilgannon that Bakila had been taught his lesson.


Bakila leads a new army South West against the Varnii Nomad’s crushing them.


Bakila leads his army against Kydor, sacking the cities and pillaging the capital


With an Alliance with Sechuin on the Eastern Coast, Bakila leads his army against the Chiatze, crushing their armies in two battles. Chiatze then agree’s a huge tribute.


To prevent an invasion, the Angostin King agrees to pay a tribute to Bakila, the first year is 700 pounds of gold.


After being able to pay the first years tribute, Bakila raises the Angostin Kings to 1000 pounds of gold.


After being able to pay the second years tribute, Bakila raises the Angostin Kings to 2000 pounds of gold.


With the Angostin Treasury nearing bankruptcy, Skilgannon is forced to lead an army of 4000 Infantry and 2000 Cavalry against the Zharn’s 20000 foot troops and 8000 horsemen. The whole battle hinges on one objective, to kill Bakila, King of the Zharn’s King. Prior to the Battle, Ustarte comes to Skilgannon and makes two requests, firstly to conduct his funeral and secondly requests that he wields Swords of Night and Day. Skilgannon cedes to both requests and leaves for battle during which he fights his way to the Zharn King and although mortally wounded, kills Bakila with the last of his strength.

Death of Jianna, Empress of Naashan, having heard about Skilgannon forming a force to fight the Zharn, she leads her army and destroys two of the Zharns Armies, after the destruction of the second, she sickens and dies of a heart attack.


The fall of the Naashan Empire.


Birth of Abaddon, Future Abbot of the Swords. There has been no Temple of the Thirty since his fathers day.


End of Second Nadir War, Shillat, daughter of Jongir, marries Orrin’s son Hogun as part of peace deal.


Birth of Tenaka Khan, the second Uniter of the Nadir.


Death of Tenaka’s father Hogun.


Birth of Arvan (Scaler) future Earl of Bronze.


Tenaka begins his Drenai life serving in the Dragon. He also saves Arvan from an assassin.


The Great Drought in the Lands of the Drenai


Decado begins his service in the Dragon under Tenaka Khan.


Birth of Finn, Hero of Bel Azar


Tenaka Khan writes changes for the Legions Operational Manuel.


Disbanding of The Dragon


Marriage of Tenaka and Illae, bought for 1,000 silver pieces in the slave market in Ventria.


Birth of Beltzer, Hero of Bel Azar


After running out of opponents to fight Decado seeks the one man who could give him a worthy battle. On his way home he becomes trapped in a sandstorm and has time to think his decision through. Changes his mind and after praying walks to a monastery, where he swears to forsake his life and do as he is instructed by the abbot.


The Day of Death in Pagans Village near White Gold Bay. Pagan sets off to kill the man who ordered the ship to attack his people, leaving his son King in his place. Also left with instructions to let his wives live should he not return.

1367 Death of Illae from Lung Blight which then makes Tenaka Khan take stock of his life and return to the lands of the Drenai to kill Ceska. He meets up with some old comrades, Darkmask, formerly known as Annasis the Golden One, and Decado, the Ice Killer (great grandson of Skilgannon.) In order to achieve this Tenaka returns to the Nadir to take over as Khan after the death of his grandfather, Jongir, whereas his cousin, Arvan (Scaler) is ordered to retake Dros Delnoch which he does, Tenaka leads the Nadir to aid defend the Rebel Drenai against the forces of Ceska. Death of Annasis, Decado and Pagan who joined when they met him on the road.

The Armour used for Decado’s Thirty is from the armour used by the Delnoch Thirty. Death of Decado’s Thirty with Katan sent to become the new Abbot of Swords, recruiting the 10 year old, Ceorl, who was saved by Pagan.

Destruction of the machines beneath Graven Forest.

Beginning of Rayvan’s 10 year tenure as leader of the Drenai. The Dragon reformed by Rayvan’s surviving son, Lake.



Birth of Jongir, Son of Tenaka Khan and Chareos, the future Earl of Bronze


Birth of Magrigg, hero of Bel Azar


Birth of Taniki, Tenaka Khan’s daughter, birth killed Renya.

Tenaka, Khan of the Wolves, leads a united nadir against Dros Delnoch and defeats the Drenai. Chareos is taken away with orders to avenge his Fathers (Scaler) death.


The forming of the Royal Wolves by Tenaka Khan.


Chareos is accepted into the Elite Gothir Unit of Lancers.

Death of Chareos’ Guardian Attalis after an argument with the Regent’s Champion Targon became a bloodfeud. Chaeros avenges Attalis by challenges Targon and kills him.

Marriage of Chareos and Tura.


The Battle of Bel Azar, a technical victory for the Ghosts yet to be against Tenaka Khan, his only ever defeat. The four survivors of the Gothir force are Chareos, Beltzer, Finn and Magrigg, given the title of The Ghosts yet to Be.


Birth of Kiall, who’s future quest leads The Ghosts yet to be (the Heroes of Bel Azar to their destiny.)


Tenaka takes his daughter Taniki (14) to Ulricham.


Death of Tenaka Khan, poisoned by Jungir at the Feast of Long Knives.

After Tenaka’s death Jungir kills his brothers to rule as Khan and only fails to kill Taniki due to the fact that his generals wouldn’t agree to the eradication of the Great Khan’s line. Taniki is banished and moves to a fortress where she organizes the trade in Slaves.

Having been haunted for years as to why Tenaka allowed them to live, Chareos journeys to Ulric and Tenaka’s tomb and asks the shaman why. Told that they were the Ghosts-yet-to-be (Shio-Kas-Atra).


Chareos travels and lives in Talgithir the southern most city in the land of the Gothir which had been split in two after the hordes of Ulric destroyed Gulgothir during the Drenai War.

Agree’s to teach the Earl of Talgithir the finer points of swordsmanship.


Jungir weds Mai Syn, youngest daughter of the Emperor of Kiatze. She in turn is used and thrown to his soldier’s, she cuts her throat at the end with a pair of scissors, according to Kiatze Custom.


After the Earl of Talgithir’s eldest son contradicts Chareos, Chareos discontinues lessons for the young lordling and his friends.

Raid on Kiall’s village, forseen by Paccus, the village seer. Villagers sent to the Earl of Talgithir for aid and the officer sent, Logar was playing dice with his men after having been paid off by the Nadren raiders.

Kiall goes to the Earl’s court on petition day and demands to be heard. Earl claims no sign of the raiders and can do nothing. Kiall’s insubordination at this point earns him 20 lashes.

Chareos continues in his duties to the earl and prepares to duel, only to find that the Earl has Logan standing in for him under orders to kill Chareos under the guise of an exhibition match. When he is defeated Chareos is then ordered to leave the Earls juristiction which he proceeds to do. After the match Chareos, as Chareos is leaving he see’s Kiall undergoing his punishment and saves the villager from the ordeal taking him to the Grey Owl Tavern and patches the wounds up. Logan angry at having been beaten in a duel fights Chareos with three of his soldiers. After killing them Chareos leaves Talgithir with Kiall.

Kaill tells Chareos about his quest to save the captured women and Chareos agrees to help. They travel to Tent Town which is then attacked by Nadren after the wages of the Timber workers. Having been fought off, they run into the other heroes of Bel-Azar, Finn, Maggrig and Beltzer. Beltzer signs up with Finn and Maggrig agreeing to guide them to the gateway used by the Tattooed people.


With the quest continues with the addition of Okas, the Tattooed man, who had been with the Heroes of Bel-Azar months before the battle that made them famous.

During one of his spirit quests, Okas is asked to help Asta Khan, Tenaka’s Shaman and the group come to his aid during the night of demons which Shotza, Jungir’s Shaman paid for their service by sacrificing 40 of Asta’s blood kin. Beating off the attack, Asta then kills Shotza’s Acolytes before slaying the shaman himself.

Starting in Kiall’s village the group follow the spirit trail to Taniki’s outpost where they uncover that she was sold to Jungir. After leaving the meeting the group see one of Jungir’s generals, Tsudai, rides to the fortress and seek to capture her to answer to charges in the capital, stating that the Ravena, now the Khan’s wife is pregnant.

Okas announces that Taniki is part of the quest and needs to be rescued. After the rescue the strain is too much on Okas and he dies, later the group discovers that Maggrig was captured and tortured to death, Finn walks into the Nadir camp to retrieve the body and is slain in turn.

Traveling to the caves of Asta Khan, in the Mountains of the Moon the group finds the Kiatze Ambassador, Chien Tsu after uncovering the truth in regard to Mai-Syn is out for revenge by killing Jungir. As they rest a group of Nadir come across the Shamans home and attack. Beltzer meets them head on in the tunnel, holding them off until the others escape in a portal created by Asta Khan through the void. Beltzer dies killing 18 Nadir.

Stealing into the palace Taniki and Chien manage to rescue Ravenna and the group runs to avoid the coming Nadir only to have to travel to Bel-Azar. Asta retrieves the Skull of Tenaka Khan, which he hid there after the Great Khans death and prepares to transfer Tenaka’s spirit into the childs body. When Chareos discovers this Asta poisons him sending him to the Void, where Asta, his demons and Tenaka Khan await. There Finn, Maggrig and Beltzer join him to defy Tenaka who agrees to let the child have his time beneath the sky.

Unbenownst to Asta, Ravenna has twins and Chareos agrees to let one be raised by Asta to be Khan, the other he will raise with Ravenna himself.

In order to prevent a war, Kiall challenges Jungir to battle for the fate of Ravenna, hearing this Asta takes him to one side and asks him to repeat the Nadir Chant, which allows Tenaka Khan to take over his body, he uses the chance to kill Jungir and flees Kialls body to search for Jungir in the void. Chareos gives one of the two twins to Asta to raise and the war is averted.


Chareos with his adopted son, Aradan, and Ravenna stand before Castle Tenaka and give tell him its true name, Dros Delnoch, also mention Chareos’ title of Earl of Bronze and state that it will one day pass to him.


The War of the Twins, also the eradication of the Sathuli by the Nadir.

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With their army destroyed the Drenai are nearing destruction, Skanda’s father rallies the Drenai to defend themselves with the aid of Banelion, The White Wolf, into one last defence of the realm and leads the Drenai to victory. The Drenai begin to fight to reclaim their lands from the Emperor of Ventria and his Armies.

The War continues for the next 43 years until the death of Skanda.


Birth of King Skanda of the Drenai


Skanda becomes king and continues leading the Drenai in the pursuit of conquest.


After the Battle of the River, the Drenai take the Ventrian capital of Usa.


The Emperor of Ventria is defeated in battle by King Skanda who then marries his daughter, Axiana to rightfully claim the Ventrian Throne. The previous Ventrian Emperor is given in Sacrifice to Anrahat to fulfill Emsharas prophecy concerning the death of three kings.

Death of King Skanda of the Drenai who is betrayed by Prince Malikanda so that he can be sacrificed as part of the ritual, Skanda is the second. Persuaded by his brother Emsharas, Anrahat becomes the third sacrifice and frees the Illohir to have their own lands. Also the death of Nogusta, Bison, Dagoras as they save the newborn son of King Skanda and Axiana, daughter of the Emperor of Ventria.


The discovery of Jianna, Queen of Naashans bones under a sculpture of her in what remains of where the Royal Garden was. The finder, Landis Kan, a student of the Temple of Ressurection falls in love with her and seeks to bring her back.


The Rebirth of Jianna, Witch Queen of Naashan. Temple of the Resurection disappears.


Beginning of the Drenai Civil War. Surrounding Dros Delnoch and the Armour of Bronze.


Ascarin the Thief, steals the Armour of Bronze and hides it to be found by Alahir.

Great Earthquake rips the walls of Dros Delnoch asunder.

After the civil war, the Drenai are leave and inhabit the lands around Siccus.


Another Earthquake hits Dros Delnoch causing greater damage and causes the keep to collapse.


In the company of Kilaven, an Arcanist who seeks to uncover the secrets of the Elders, Jianna finds the Legendary Armour of Bronze. Leaves it where it is, Kilaven dies three weeks later, poisoned on Jianna’s orders.


Birth of Alahir, Earl of Bronze and Legend Rider.


The Four Year War between the Drenai and the Gothir, the Drenai win and free themselves from their Gothir Oppressors.


Harad is born, a reborn grown from the bones of Druss the Legend, which were discovered in Skilgannons Tomb. After Druss’ death prior to the funeral pyre, Skilgannon rode into Ulric’s camp and requested a sliver of bone, some hair and Druss’ Axe, Snaga, these the Great Khan gifted Skilgannon for having saved his life. The hair and bone were then put into Skilgannon’s to be kept until he could find the Temple of Resurrection again. Skilgannon never did.

The Siege of Draspartha (Dros Purdol) during which the Drenai are defeated by Jianna, the Witch Queen (known now as the Eternal.) and forced to bend their knees to her as their ruler.


The beginning of a new Temple War, rages for more than 18 years.


Skilgannon returns as a reborn, this is the year his soul reinhabits the body grown from his bones and hair and seeks to fulfil the prophecy of Ustarte. He meets a reborn of Jianna the Witch Queen known as Askari.

Given time to reorientate himself around the palace of Landis Khan he ends up meeting one of the Eternals Generals, Unwallis and the reborn of one of Skilgannon’s descendants, Decado (The Ice Killer from The King Beyond the Gate.) Taking time to go to the mountains and see the ruins of Dros Delnoch with his guide Harad (a reborn of Druss the Legend), Skilgannon on his return to Landis’ Palace, sees the smoke and finds that the town surrounding the Palace, has been attacked by Decado and the joinings that he brought with him. Discovering the reason for the attack, he and Harad set out to find the woman and discover that she is another reborn, the shock clearly registering on Skilgannon’s face when he looks and sees Askari, (a reborn of Jianna.)

Seeking to fulfil the prophecy set down by Ustarte the small group head to the location where the Temple of the Resurection. Persued by the Eternals Army they meet with the Legend Riders (who’s leader Alahir, had discovered the Armour of Bronze after an earthquake), the last few of the free Drenai and who seek to hold the pass whilst Skilgannon once and for all ends the magic of the Eternal.


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