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SAPKOWSKI, Andrzej - 2009:

"I am very happy and proud to be a winner in the contest for The David Gemmell Legend Award, the prize precious to me indeed, as I am a great admirer of the writings of the late David A. Gemmell. I would like to express my gratitude to all the readers who voted for my book. I would also like to thank and congratulate all the other fellow writers in the final poll. Finally, it is fantasy - our genre - that was the ultimate winner."








McNEILL, Graham - 2010:

"David Gemmell was (and remains) a huge influence on me and my writing, and to have won an award that bears his name is one of the greatest thrills of my career. His work, with its powerful themes of heroism, nobility and the gritty ‘reality’ of fantastic fiction, was like nothing I’d read before, and I strive to carry on the traditions he established in his books. His powerful depictions of courage, honour and the unbending code of Druss, have inspired me through the years, and, as the dedication in Heldenhammer says, “To DG, you taught me all I know”. Says it all really…

So now I want to thank a few folk, without whose help, love and friendship I wouldn’t be writing this.

Firstly, thank you to everyone who bought, read and voted for Empire. It means more to me than you can know to have won this award, and without you, the fans, behind it, we couldn’t possibly have won. This just goes to prove how loyal, how devoted and how amazing the Black Library’s fans really are. Without your support, we’d have been left in the dust, but we came out on top and I now have a couple of axes to hang on my wall. But this win is as much for BL, the fans and tie-in fiction as a whole. Between us, we’ve been saying all along that there’s much to admire in the world of tie-in writing, a quality that belies the stigma that’s often attached to such works. We’ve debated the merits/difficulties/benefits in writing shared universe fiction elsewhere, so I won’t go into that right now, but I think this proves that we’re here and we’re here to stay.

Thanks are also due to Nick Kyme and Lindsey Priestley, for collaborating with me at the very beginning of the Sigmar books, working through the themes, tone and setting of the trilogy. Without that meeting, I don’t think the books would have turned out anything like as meaty as I feel they are. Their help at that stage and throughout the writing of the three (and counting) books has been invaluable. Everyone at BL deserves a mention, as they gave me the support and help I needed to make the leap from a full time job to become a freelancing buccaneer on the high seas of tie-in writing. Thank you all; you’re my great friends as well as my publisher.

My beautiful girlfriend Anita deserves special mention for going above and beyond the call of duty for putting up with my long hours, frequent incomprehensible monologues on Unberogens, magic hammers and Orcs. As my First Reader, she gave me a unique perspective on the books, pointing out flaws that only someone who knew nothing about the history of the Warhammer World would spot. You’re my inspiration and my soul-mate. And Evan, my gorgeous little boy, deserves thanks for providing the inspiration for a great deal of the thoughts and themes behind Empire and God King. Even though he’d rather eat the book that read it just now.

And last, but not least, I need to thank my mum and dad for providing me with various typewriters and computers over the years that allowed me to indulge my passion for writing. I also need to mention the fact that it’s all my mum’s fault that I became a writer. She took me to the Milgavie Bookshop when I was eleven and bought me a copy of Warlock of Firetop Mountain. That’s where it all started.

To all of you, love and thanks from the bottom of my heart. You don’t know what it means to have you with me along the way."


SANDERSON, Brandon - 2011

"I hadn't been expecting this. I'd been nominated three times before without winning. This year, with two books up for the award (like last year), I was convinced I'd split my votes again and have no shot at it. Beyond that, the competition was pretty steep this year.

I now wish I'd made the extra effort to stick around. Still, my publisher was there, and we'd talked about them accepting the award for me in case I did win. At least we were represented.

Either way, I'm deeply grateful to you all for your votes for THE WAY OF KINGS. Once I get the award, I'll be sure to take photographs and post them up for everyone to admire."







ROTHFUSS, Patrick - 2012

"To be completely honest, I never heard about David Gemmell until 2007. I’m more than slightly ashamed of this, as I consider myself pretty well-read when it comes to fantasy.

I first heard his name shortly after my first book came out. I got an e-mail that said, “Wow! Your book is great! It’s almost as good as David Gemmel’s stuff.”

After the third e-mail along those lines, I went out and read Legend. It was only then that I realized what a compliment my readers were giving me.

Since then I’ve bought all of Gemmell’s books, and I’ve been reading my way through them. So now I can appreciate how flattering it to even be shortlisted for this award. Winning was beyond my expectations. Rest assured that I will do my best to uphold the good name of the David Gemmell Awards, and use this axe to utterly destroy all those who oppose me.

Thank you so much . . ."




PEVEL, Pierre - 2010

(Translation Courtesy of Tom Clegg)

"As one might imagine, receiving the Morningstar Award for The Cardinal’s Blades, my first novel to be published in Great Britain and the United States, was both a great pleasure and an immense honour. Being full of admiration for the work of David Gemmell, I attach particular importance to these awards, and to the fact that they are voted by the readers. I remember that, at the time, I found it hard to believe my novel was one of the finalists. But when I heard Anne Nicholls calling me up on stage at the ceremony, I was completely taken by surprise. I felt very, very moved when I found myself standing in front of the microphone and I don’t even remember the thanks that I mumbled in my very tentative English! But it is a splendid memory for me, nevertheless."




HINKS, Darius - 2011

"It's incredibly touching to think that so many people have enjoyed my first novel and allowed my name to sit alongside such giants of the fantasy genre. I'll definitely be back next year with a pseudonym, a new hat and a fake moustache, trying to win Best Newcomer for a second year running."







LOWE, Helen - 2012

"Learning that The Heir of Night had won the Gemmell Morningstar Award was a tremendous moment. I have always loved stories of quests and heroes and magic; so perhaps not surprisingly, quite a few of David Gemmell's books stand on the shelves of my personal library. I would definitely cite his brand of epic-heroic fantasy as a strong influence on my aspiration to write Fantasy myself. So it does mean a great deal to me that the first novel I wrote, The Heir of Night, has won the Gemmell Morningstar Award. On learning the news, I also felt both humble and deeply grateful that people ‘out there’ must have not only read HEIR but enjoyed it enough to vote for it. I am aware, as well, that HEIR is both the first book by a southern hemisphere writer and the first written by a woman author to win in either the Morningstar or the Legend categories, and I feel the honor of both firsts very keenly.

I would also like to acknowledge my fellow writers on the Morningstar shortlist: Elspeth Cooper, Doug Hulick, Mark Lawrence and Peter Orullian. As one of their number I felt very much that I had already been awarded "the crown of good company" and I would like to hope that in the reading and discussion of all the books that the words of 2009 Legend Award winner Andrzej Sapkowski still hold good: that "it is fantasy - our genre - that is the ultimate winner."






Best Served Cold – GRAFFET, Didier, SENIOR, Dave: 2010

Power and Majesty - EINARSDOTTIR, Olof ERLA: 2011

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