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We will be announcing the Gemmell Awards 2014 shortlisted titles this Saturday at Eastercon, Satellite 4, Glasgow at 12 noon in Argyll 2. 

Please join us if you can!

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Voting has commenced

Vote now for your favourite book, new author or cover art - the long list is open!

Get involved with the literary fantasy equivalent of the Oscars.

The readers decide......

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Nominations 2014

Just so you know - we have opened our gates to nominations for 2014 (books published in 2013).

Our calendar goes like this:

Nominations for the long list until 31st January 2014

Long list published and voting begins on Friday 28th February 2014…


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Get your Award Ceremony Tickets FREE!

Do you fancy champagne & nibbles at London’s prestigious ‘MAGIC CIRCLE HEADQUARTERS’ – to meet your most beloved Fantasy authors? And... just possibly... get to admire large, and potentially lethal weapons?! (‘Snaga’ & the ‘Swords of Night & Day’)


You do? So, would you like to join us on 15th June in London for this years  ceremony for the ‘David Gemmell Legend Awards’? Of course you would! *Even better, if you’re successful in the…


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[GARETH] I’d like you to about why you chose fantasy as a genre to write in and who your influences have been...



Elspeth Cooper, ‘Songs of the Earth’

I’ve been asked that question – or one very much like it – dozens of times. The short answer is: I didn’t. I…


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David Gemmell Legend Award Shortlist 2012

Hail Mighty Readers,

Earlier tonight at Eastercon, Debbie Miller, alongside Joe Abercrombie and Juliet E McKenna announced the shortlist for this years David Gemmell Legend Award: 

Legend Award

The Heroes - Joe Abercrombie

The Wise Mans Fear - Patrick Rothfuss

Blood of Aenarion - William King

Alloy of Law - Brandon Sanderson

Black Veil - Kristen Britain

Morningstar Award

Prince of Thorns - Mark Lawrence

Among Thieves - Douglas…


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MORNINGSTAR BLOG 2 - Bradley P Beaulieu - 'The Winds of Khalakovo'

Please tell us a bit about why you chose fantasy as a genre to write in and who your influences have been...



Bradley P Beaulieu: - The Winds of Khalakovo 

 I've been reading fantasy practically since I learned how to read. I came across ‘The Hobbit’…


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* Dros has contacted all the MORNINGSTAR Nominees and invited them to write a short Blog post for us. He asked them all  why they chose fantasy as a genre to write in and who their influences have been. They have all replied I'm happy to say, and so, it gives me GREAT pleasure to introduce our first 'Morningstar' (and Member here on site!).... take it away, Mark...…


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Would you like to write a short review of any of the LEGEND or MORNINGSTAR novels? This year, I am planning to send out the reviews to all our Members in a Bulletin (like this one) as they come in. Also, the review will be on the website of course... I know some of you have been patiently waiting to…


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BARGAINS TO BE HAD! To clear some space in my office (!) I’m selling off many of last year’s Long-listed titles – I’ve decided to just do the paperbacks to start with, as they are lighter and less bulky to post (and I have to lug them to the Post Office!) All of the…


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Not long until Nominations close for next year's DGLAs.

Publishers who have Nominated so far:



GOLLANCZ (still awaiting their LEGEND Noms, but have given their RAVENHEARTS)





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General Catch-up/news!

Hi there, everyone

You may have noticed that the site has been somewhat quieter than usual over the past few months. Sadly, this has been due to ill health on my part as I battled through chemotherapy. It's proved difficult to sit at my desk and look at the computer for ages, as I used to! However,…


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DGLA Winners Announced

For those unlucky enough to have missed the event last night, the winners are announced here in the press release:


At a glittering awards ceremony at The Magic Circle in London tonight, the winners of the third David Gemmell Legend Award were announced.


For the Morningstar Award for Best Newcomer, the winner was Darius Hinks for Warrior Priest (Black Library).


For the Ravenheart Award for Best Cover Artist, the winner was Olof Erla Einarsdottir for the cover… Continue

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DGLA Auctions for Award Night

Hail Mighty Readers,

For those unable to attend the award night, we didn't want you to miss out.  So download the PDF here and have a look, you can bid on lots and the best way to do so is to contact Christine at:



Or place your bids on our Facebook page,…


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Hi Everyone,

We are aware of a spammer who got through our net and have taken care of the problem. 


Please do not worry and sorry for the interuption to your usual service,



Gareth and Debbie

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The DGLA Award Ceremony will be held on Friday 17th June at The Magic Circle Headquarters in London. We have managed to hold the Fan ticket price down to just £20 each, as last year.

It’s always a great, glittering evening, with a lovely atmosphere, plus the chance to meet and mingle with the best Fantasy authors around, whilst sipping your champagne & nibbling on the canapés (all included in your ticket… Continue

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Finalist Nominee's Reactions!


With voting for the second round opening we wanted to give our finalists a chance to say what they thought about making it this far.  Whilst some have yet to respond here’s what they had to say to date:




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And the Finalists are:

Hail Mighty Readers,

Well you voted in your thousands and for those lucky enough to have attended Eastercon you'll already know who made it.  For those of us with the Bank Holiday Blues here is how it played out in Alphabetical Order:…


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HBO Game of Thrones Success, however what do you think?

Well, for those of you who’ve been counting down the days, the odds are you already caught the first episode of the long awaited Game of Thrones TV series.    With its launch to critical acclaim, HBO has now announced (only two days after original airing in the US) that they’re renewing for a second series.


So the question is, with the success of this Fantasy series, is it the time to start pushing for a David Gemmell series?  Is there a fantasy series that would suit better…


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Genre for Japan

Hail Mighty Readers,

We here at the David Gemmell Legend Award like to help others out where we can, so we thought that it was only fair if we were to create a quick blog post to pass on the information for 'Genre for Japan'

[Here's their Homepage which explains the idea fully]


In 'Genre for Japan' a whole host of authors and publishers…


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Be a Legend!

The DGLA is a Not-for-Profit organisation, which operates through the goodwill of its volunteers, sponsors and friends.

If you would like to help the DGLA continue, please consider making a small donation to our funds:

Tribute Anthology


From Newcon Press


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