We can send you a book if you wish to review it for us – we will do this on a first come first served basis but we will do our best to make sure as many people as possible get a book to review and hopefully their preference.   If you wish to review a book on the Longlist, please email dgla@live.co.uk with the subject, “2013 Review” and a list of books you are interested in reading to review for us in order of preference along with your name and postal address. *If you have already read any of the books and wish to send us a review, please just email it to dgla@live.co.uk with the subject, “Review Submission + Book Title” .

We ask that reviews are roughly 500 words long, are not malicious and are not just a synopsis of the book – we want to know what you thought about it.

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Comment by Christine Harrison on July 3, 2013 at 9:44

Sending out the last batch of books that have been requested for review tomorrow.  You can still request a book to review for us, it is not too late! 

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